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PSC regularly arranges technical seminars and knowledge sharing sessions for its valued clients. This seminar will cover the new devolepment in our products and technology. Seminar offers attendees a wealth of information in one place in a condensed period of time.

The objective of the seminar is to provide valuable knowledge to both, experienced and young professionals from industry and utility about the latest methods and technologies of our products for improving the reliability and performance of their systems. The People who attend the seminars can learn new ideas and skills to help them to improve their production facility.During the training, our supplier experts will come from their facility to conudct the classes.

Seminars usually gather eminent speakers and scholars engaged in various areas of expertise

 In any case attendees agenda does not allow them to attend seminar PSC  would appreciate if any distinguished colleagues of attendees be availabale  to represent the respective Institution in the seminar.

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